Meet our National Office Bearers

The National Office Bearers of the AFM of SA will each deliver a powerful sermon during the Conference. Dr Henri Weideman - Our Light Reflects Jesus; Pastor Barend Petersen - Give Light to All; Pastor Selby Khumalo - Let Your Light Shine; Pastor Rudi Coertzen - A Lamp on a Lampstand; Pastor Jeremy Josias - The Source, Cause and Force of being Light in the World

Dr Henri Weideman

Our Light Reflects Jesus

Henri Weideman, born on August 15, 1962, in Kimberley, South Africa, is a seasoned theologian and leader in the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM). His journey began with theological studies at the University of Johannesburg, leading to roles as a pastor and regional leader. Henri's commitment to leadership development within the AFM led to appointments as National Coordinator of the Pastoral Continuous Development initiative and, eventually, to the position of AFM President. Beyond his ecclesiastical roles, Henri is an advocate for exercise and a healthy lifestyle, with interests in gardening and stained-glass work. He resides in Irene, Pretoria, with his wife Margaret and their daughter Inge, who is married to Kirk Swart...  Read More


Past. Barend Petersen

Give Light to All

Pastor Barend Petersen, ordained in 1995, holds a prominent position as the Deputy President of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa (AFM) and has been a key National Office Bearer since 2012. His extensive involvement within AFM includes serving as General Treasurer, Chairman of the AFM Theological College, member of various committees such as Doctrine, Ethics, and Liturgy, and representation of AFM at international assemblies, notably the World Council of Churches’ 11th Assembly in Germany in 2022.

Pastor Petersen has a distinguished history within AFM, earning recognition as an AFM veteran for his pivotal role in the unification of AFM in 1996. He initiated the honoring of AFM Pastors with 40 years of service and founded the AFM Campus Ministries in 2015. He's also been instrumental in regional leadership, serving as the former Regional Chairperson of the AFM Western Cape Region.

Beyond his ecclesiastical roles, Pastor Barend is the presiding pastor of the AFM Blackheath assembly in Cape Town, where he's focused on education and community development. His efforts have led to the establishment of the Evergreen Development Trust, transforming a place of despair into a hub of hope for the community. He's also a member of various initiatives involving faith, mining, and societal development.

As a chartered accountant and respected businessman, Pastor Petersen brings a wealth of experience as a chairman and director of major companies. He's married to Dawn, an ordained AFM pastor with her own impressive contributions within AFM, and they are blessed with three daughters... Read More

Past. Selby Khumalo

Let Your Light Shine

Selby Khumalo, born on April 11, 1971, in Marrianhill, South Africa, is a multifaceted individual with a rich background. He hails from a family of five siblings and is married to Pastor Elizabeth Khumalo, with three children. Selby's educational journey led him through various theological colleges, resulting in a Diploma in Theology and a BA in Bible and Theology. He pursued higher education, including an MA in Organisational Leadership and a National Diploma in Public Administration. Currently, he's working towards his BTh Honours.

Selby has a diverse career history, ranging from serving as a member of the National Assembly (Parliament) to holding positions in the KZN Government. His extensive involvement in religious affairs included crafting strategies and structures. Ordained in 1999, Selby has pastored several AFM Assemblies and has been instrumental in establishing new branches. He's also a founder of various enterprises and initiatives, such as Charisma Centre Building Concept, CNB TV, Charisma Outreach Foundation (NGO), and Charisma Academy NPC. His leadership roles extend to regional and national levels within the AFM church. In November 2021, Selby was elected as the General Secretary of the AFM of SA... Read More

Past. Rudi Coertzen

A Lamp on a Lampstand

Rudi Coertzen, born on September 22, 1960, in Vereeniging, South Africa, is a distinguished figure with a background worth noting. He is the eldest among four siblings and completed his primary and high school education in Drie Riviere. Rudi commenced his studies at the University of Johannesburg (RAU), where he was actively involved in student ministry, organizing prayer meetings, and student camps.

During his university years, he met and married his wife, Ammarentia, on March 2, 1985. Rudi earned his B.A. (Admission) degree and subsequently his B.A. (Hons) before enrolling at the AFM Theological College in 1984. To support his studies, he worked part-time at Libanon Mine and Roodepoort Durban Deep. His journey in ministry began in Oshakati during his conscription, where he served and ministered to young men. He then went on to serve in various AFM Assemblies, including Hoedspruit, Ladysmith (Natal), Richardsbay, and Brakpan-West.

Throughout his ministry, Rudi actively engaged in youth leadership roles, notably in the AFM Natal Youth structures and regional positions like Vice-Chairperson of the Natal Region and Zululand Region. In 2008, he became the Chairperson of the East Rand Region. Rudi's dedication to service culminated in his election as General Treasurer of the AFM of SA on November 16, 2021. Outside of his professional life, Rudi enjoys collecting vintage Volkswagen Beetles, photography, camping, and exploring special places in South Africa and beyond. He resides in Brakpan on the East Rand with his wife, Ammarentia, and they have two children and four grandchildren... Read More

Past. Jeremy Josias

The Source, Cause and Force of being Light in the World

Pastor Jeremy Josias is the Regional Leader of the South Peninsula Region and senior Pastor at the AFM Strandfontein in Cape Town. Pastor Jeremy obtained his licentiate in Theology at the Sarepta Theological College and also holds a BCom (Honours) Degree in Accounting and Auditing. Pastor Jeremy is married to Pastor Hilary Josias and they have 3 daughters and 1 grandchild... Read More

Meet our PCD Speakers


Proactively addressing Mental Health

By the Themba Thandeka Leadership Institute
Download the Presentation here:

PCD Resilience ABLAZE AFM 2023 Conference

Collen Maluleke, a prominent South African gospel artist, songwriter, pastor, and multiple award nominee, originates from Soweto. His musical journey began in the church youth choir, evolving into a dynamic youth worship leader. With a captivating blend of traditional gospel, jazz, rock, reggae, and praise and worship, Collen released his debut album in 2015, earning four Crown Gospel Music Awards nominations. He continued his musical ascent garnering recognition at the South African Music Awards. In 2023, Collen launched the transformative album "Word + Prayer + Worship” signifying his pastoral calling, worship leadership, and the foundational role of prayer. Beyond music, Collen is a dedicated senior pastor at Goshen City Church, husband, father of four, and entrepreneur - exemplifying his commitment to family, community, and spiritual growth. Collen is proficient in Tsonga, Zulu and English




Proactively addressing Mental Health

By the Themba Thandeka Leadership Institute
Download the Presentation here:

PCD Resilience ABLAZE AFM Conference 2023

Hermann du Plessis is the founder of the Themba Thandeka Leadership Institute (TTLI), a company that has worked in more than 100 organisations in 20 countries across the globe. TTLI has built a reputation as a catalyst that significantly raises engagement and profitability.

Hermann is a leadership student with 20 years of experience, having coached, mentored, trained, and consulted in various spheres of leadership development. He has coached senior and executive managers of major corporations for more than 15,000 hours to cultivate diverse transformational leaders. He is also a lecturer in leadership at tertiary institutions, as well as a moderator for various MBA programmes in their leadership curriculum.

He is an ordained Pastor at the Mosaiek Church in Johannesburg South Africa, where he served on full-time staff for 14 years of which 9 were on executive level. He was part of the teaching/preaching team, responsible for leadership development and multiple other ministries. He speaks regularly at churches as a guest preacher.

Hermann serves as a consultant to the Global Leadership Network (GLN) in South Africa. He was invited to serve on the board. He is also serving as the Transitional Pastor at Ruimsig Gemeente (Community Church). He serves as a mentor and teaching pastor at Goshen City church (the fastest growing church in South Africa). He is the advisor to the Senior Pastor of the Biggest Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. Hermann has been asked to consult on the leadership development programme for the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa (AFM of SA).

Hermann holds degrees in Commerce, Education, and Theology, and a master’s degree in Adult Education, as well as an international certification in Leadership and Management Coaching. Hermann has been married to Adél for more than twenty years, and they have a beautiful daughter, Grace.



The Fake Prophets Phenomenon - a Pentecostal Response 

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Daniel Andrew serves as a Pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission of SA (The AFM of SA) from 1996 and pastored four congregations. He lectured at various theological institutions and was recently appointed full-time lecturer at the University of the Free State. He completed his B.TH degree Cum Laude and completed his M.Th and Ph.D. degrees under the supervision of Professor Dirkie Smit. He received a scholarship to study in Holland at the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam). He holds also a Masters's Degree in Development Studies from UWC (MA) and recently completed his PhD in Practical Theology, focussing on the role of faith communities in bringing about social cohesion and social justice in society at the University of the Free State.
Daniel serves on the Task team of the South African Council of Churches (SACC) that is investigating the “fake prophet phenomenon” and serves as a member of the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches. He is a member of the AFM International Theological Association, South African Mission Society and the Southern African Society for Pentecostal Studies.

He is married to Hazel and has two sons.

Although Daniel is leaving us at the end of August to take up the position of Lecturer in Missiology (Sending Wetenskap) at the University of the Free State from 1 September 2023, his story is certainly one of perseverance, commitment and determination to succeed.



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